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Hometown Bank

Creative Director

Direct, Personalized URLS and Generralized URL, Social Media Sharing

Time to expand.

• Canon 7D & Canon 5d
• 24-70mm L series Lens
• Photoshop CC

A community bank client asked for help driving new customer leads. After five years of no advertising, the bank’s brand had little market equity. Prior to this project, our brand analysis had uncovered specific competitive advantages the bank should pursue in its marketing. One of those advantages fueled the theme of this campaign.

As creative director, I worked with a contract copywriter to conceive a cross-media marketing campaign. We would develop a series of four direct mailers intended to lead recipients to a PURL (personalized URL). Each touch would emphasize the bank’s desire to lend. We used language that championed the local business owner. We contracted with a leading list provider to reach the bank’s three primary target industries: trucking, manufacturing and dental. A third-party service provider managed the site programming.

“Time to expand?”

The above example depicts one of the creative executions we accompanied with the headline, “Time to Expand?” This postcard featured an eye-catching visual on one side and short, compelling copy on the other. A QR code enabled recipients to visit their PURL to get more information about an expansion loan and to download an exclusive whitepaper we developed internally. A visit to the PURL would instantly trigger a notification to the bank for follow-up. A short form on the PURL collected marketing insights as well. A social sharing mechanism allowed recipients to share the information with their Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. Using A/B testing, we balanced the whitepaper offer with a whitepaper plus Visa gift card drawing offer.

Despite a relatively small sample size, the bank received a number of qualified leads. According to the bank president, only one needed to convert for the program to pay for itself.

This campaign followed on the heels of a rebranding and print advertising campaign we had initiated earlier. We incorporated some of these themes into the lead-generation campaign for messaging consistency.